Michael Donofrio(non-registered)
Hi Chris, thanks for the photos and thoughtful input on North Twin Lake. I just purchased a house on the lake and will be focusing on efforts to come up with a safe and sensible alternative to the knee jerk silliness in place now. Stop by the deep end sometime. ;-)
James McNeil(non-registered)
Lovely work! I myself have been surfing and free diving in Lake Michigan for almost ten years & also do underwater pieces/videography/photography with dancers and other divers. Your work is fantastic and it is refreshing to find a fellow Great Lakes free diver and artist! Much respect.

Heidi Mahler(non-registered)
Nice to meet you
cari lick(non-registered)
Beautiful & inspiring
Cathy Wheatley(non-registered)
Awesome. Thanks so much for sharing. Haven't done a great deal of diving in the Great Lakes but having tried a swim in Grand Traverse Bay, I can really appreciate your efforts. Happy New Year, be safe.
Steve Baase(non-registered)
Thanks for sharing your images. How fortunate we are to witness these rare and intimate moments - fish just being fish in clear fresh water. We're all to familiar with them grilled, blackened, pecan encrusted, or drizzled in lemon juice. Your photos take my appreciation to a new level Thanks again
Brendon J. Ewers(non-registered)
Very beautiful and impressive photos of our Great Lakes and other surrounding waters of Michigan. I'd be interested in speaking and/or meeting with you to learn more about freediving. I'm an active underwater hockey and underwater rugby player of the past 9years. We have a group we're working to grow here in the Marquette are of Michigan and would love to hear from you.
Kyle Gervers(non-registered)
These are some amazing photos Chris. If you're ever short a dive partner feel free to email me
Francine Keehnel(non-registered)
I truly enjoyed your pictures, Mr. Morey. Now I need to research the species of fish in the photographs. There are some amazing shots in there! Keep up the good work.
Stewart Allison McFerran(non-registered)
Nice shots Chris! I just finished the class "Nature History of Great Lakes Fish". Would you come talk (and show the pics) to the class in the Fall? By the way did you know that every fish that comes from a MI hatchery has a bio-metric tag in its nose?
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